Big3 Basketball – Playoffs at Moda Center

Big3 Basketball - Playoffs Tickets

Moda Center | Portland, Oregon

If you want to know where Basketball fans across Portland, Oregon are heading to on Saturday 22nd August 2020, then look no further than the incredible Moda Center where a capacity crowd will be seeing . Basketball fans and commentators alike are keeping a close watch on this match because it will be the exciting conclusion to a rivalry built up between these two excellent teams over the last decade. Both teams are led by excellent coaches who have built some of the premier rosters in the history of Basketball, and each is hungry for a win. Can the hometown heroes push back the opposition on this excellent day of athletic competition or can the visiting team play hard enough to create one of the biggest upsets in recent history? The only way to find out is to come and see. So click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets today.

Big3 Basketball - Playoffs at Moda Center

The Basketball season is on the way and the best games of this season will happen at Moda Center in Portland, Oregon! The home team has an incredible roster as seasoned veterans play with up-and-coming rookies who are ready to take the court by storm. Any team that dares to try and take on Portland’s favorite team will have a hard-fought battle to deal with, as they come across the rock star offense and defense of this amazing roster. But the action on the court isn’t the whole story, as Moda Center offers an incredible array of features and perks to satisfy even the pickiest of sports fans. Just imagine, getting a chance to enjoy your choice of refreshments with the widest selection of vendors and concessions stands in Oregon or visiting the merch shop for your choice of sports gear that belongs to the biggest fans. When you think basketball in 2020 then make sure that you think about catching home games at Moda Center

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