Gloria Trevi at Moda Center

Gloria Trevi Tickets

Moda Center | Portland, Oregon

Moda Center is guaranteed to have a sold out audience when Gloria Trevi makes it to Portland on Sunday 20th October 2019 for a once-in-a-lifetime live event. If you are a lover of the genre or adore the musical stylings of this group, then mark your calendars and clear your Sunday evenings and get ready for an epic evening at the Moda Center. This band has a track record of award winning shows with critics already calling them the greatest act of 2019 and you get to experience them live in person for their October concert. Tunes from their top 100, their favorite beats and a few extras that we will not spoil here will all be played and sung for you from the greatest venue in Oregon. So purchase your Gloria Trevi tickets now while supplies last, because once they are sold out, your opportunity to see this talent will be gone.

Gloria Trevi at Moda Center

Gloria Trevi always produces an unparalleled level power and raw showmanship at every one of their live music shows. After many requests they are finally making a stop at Portland much to the joy of hardcore fans. A much needed concert to liven up your Sunday plans. The Moda Center is waiting to open up its doors this October and welcome the army of fans all rushing to see Gloria Trevi in concert. It's advised arriving up to 30 minutes early to allow plenty of time to get a drink before the show and locate your seats. All previous events have had concert-goers cheering "ENCORE! ENCORE!". Don't delay getting your ticket as before you know it, they will be sold out!

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