Monster Jam Triple Threat Series at Moda Center

Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Tickets

Moda Center | Portland, Oregon

As if the month of March could get any better, a huge announcement has just been made! Monster Jam Triple Threat Series IS COMING TO Oregon. That’s right, the month of March is FULL of amazing entertainment. Where is this monumental event taking place you ask? Only at the ICONIC Moda Center!! People from all over are going to be pouring down to the city of Portland in massive numbers. So, get ready for a night of unforgettable entertainment. Tickets are now on sale across the country and selling fast! Buy yours here!

Monster Jam Triple Threat Series at Moda Center

Awesome events and premieres like Monster Jam Triple Threat Series don’t come to Portland, Oregon every day, but when they do, there’s no better venue than the Moda Center. That’s because the Moda Center offers a comfortable and elegant venue that’s become one of the most-highly rated in the city. If you’ve enjoyed one of the many great entertainment shows at this venue then you already know why, but for everyone else, here’s what you can anticipate. The second you step through the doors you’ll be met by helpful staff who are ready to offer you the bets service, guaranteed. You can stay refreshed with a huge choice choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages served by their bartending staff and can relax and enjoy the show in the most comfortable seating around. Thanks to carefully engineered sound and lighting design, no matter where you sit during the show, you’ll be closer to the action and won’t miss a second. So, if you are joining many show fans on Sunday 1st March 2020 to catch Monster Jam Triple Threat Series at the Moda Center then you can be sure you’ll have an incredible experience. If you haven’t ordered your tickets yet, then make sure you click the Buy Tickets button below while supplies last.

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