What to Expect Inside the Famous Moda Center of Portland

Sitting in the 13 hectares land of Portland Oregon is the ever famous entertainment venue – Moda Center or as its commonly referred to and previously called, Rose Garden Arena. To be exact in location, the entertainment venue is located just in east portion of Willamette River.

The entire rose garden arena is hugely built and able to divide the entire area into two sections that is still able to accommodate thousands of people at the same time. The two divisions of the rose garden arena are the following:

1. Moda Center – this division is able to accommodate almost 20 thousand seating capacity. This division was first offered to the public in the year of 1995 making it possible to host different sports games such as basketball, Hockey, and Lacrosse. It is also an entertainment venue for the following:
• Concerts
• Circus
• Ice Shows
• Conventions
• Rodeos

All of these events are watched by thousands of people seated conveniently because the entire room is made by two divisions: upper bowl and the lower bowl.

rose garden arena concert

2. The Memorial Coliseum – this division on the other hand is much smaller than the rose garden but it is still big enough to accommodate as much as less than 13 thousand people inside. This room was offered to the public since 1960. This is where important and historical events in the NBA happened.

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Aside from this, you will also get to see the different amenities like private dining rooms and executive suites that are perfect for business conferences. If this is your first time to visit the arena, going there should be easy if you have gps because a detailed driving direction is available from our directions page via google maps.