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You know the saying, “There is no rest for the wicked?” Well, it doesn’t apply here! Sensational stand-up comedian Nate Bagartze is getting no rest, but he is far from wicked! His highly sought-after tour had just been extended all the way to fall, and he was conquering several more cities than initially expected! Bagartze’s The Be Funny Tour now has a fall/winter leg, and the “nicest man in stand-up comedy” is set to conquer 28 more cities, in addition to the 17 shows scheduled for spring and summer! Lucky for fans in Seattle, Bagartze is scheduled to light up the Paramount Theater Seattle on Sunday 15th, October 2023! Fans can look forward to Bagartze’s clean-cut but painstakingly funny jokes. He’s also known for his great storytelling and sharp wit. This performer has been praised for his great momentum and “almost soothing” jokes! However odd that may sound, it works because Bagartze is currently among the fastest-rising superstars in comedy and has multiple sold-out dates! So if you want to laugh the night away from inoffensive jokes, then you should hurry and score tickets now!

Fuerza Regida at Moda Center

Last year, Nate Bagartze successfully completed The Raincheck Tour. The outing has made headlines among the entertainment and comedy circuit because many dates have sold out months in advance. This 2023, the nicest man in comedy returns with a brand new show and never-heard-before jokes and stories. His relatability and knack for being funny without offending anyone had set him apart from many other comedians. Apart from headlining national tours, Bagartze’s prolific streak has also included several notable appearances on TV shows and podcasts, such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, CBS Mornings, Adam Carolla Show, and more.

Bagartze also recently released the trailer for his new Amazon Original stand-up special, Hello World. The performance was recorded during a show in Phoenix, Arizona, where Bagartze performed on a 360° stage. During the special, he explores topics on marriage, growing up in the ‘80s, saying dumb things, and more. Speaking of comedy specials, Bagartze has also released several critically-acclaimed shows. In 2019, he released his first Netflix Comedy Special, The Tennesee Kid. This was followed by his second highly-regarded Netflix special, The Greatest Average American. Apart from selling out shows in 2022, Bagartze also received a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album for his work with The Greatest Average America.

The Tennesee native always had an affinity for the limelight. His father, Stephen Bagartze, was a former clown who became a world-class magician. Bagarzte has often included his father in hits bits, the prime example being his 2014 debut Comedy Central special, Yelled at By a Clown. The stand-up album entered BIllboard’s Top Ten Comedy charts, peaking at number 2. After his stellar debut, Bagartze followed with another exemplary stand-up album, Full Time Magic.

In 2017, Bagartze made his Netflix debut after he delivered a half-hour performance for the comedy special, The Standups. Since 2020, Bagartze has been running his weekly podcast, Nateland. The show, which tackles various topics, has amassed over 15 million views on Youtube. Earlier this year, Bagartze sold over 19,000 tickets in Nashville, breaking the venue’s attendance record.

Catch Nate Bagartze at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Sunday, 15th October 2023, by scoring your tickets now!

Fuerza Regida at Moda Center

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