Gloria Trevi at Moda Center

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon



Gloria Trevi at Moda Center at the Rose Quarter



Gloria Trevi

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

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Can't get enough of Gloria Trevi's new songs "Inocente" and "Medusa?" Well, you are not alone, as thousands of Trevi's fans were excited when the Madonna of Mexico released her latest records, making a bold statement that the queen is here to stay! Gloria is indeed here to stay, and she has so many in store for all her fans. One of which is a series of concerts in some of the best venues in the country. Catch the Mexican superstar this September 20 as she sets the Moda Center stage on fire with her feisty, highly anticipated performance. Whether you are a devoted fan or you just want to have a good time, this concert is perfect for you and your friends. Gloria's unparalleled stage presence and incredible singing prowess will make you groove, even if it's your first time hearing her songs. Seeing her perform her signature hits "Mañana," "Pelo Suelto," "Dr. Psiquiatra," "Tu Angel de la Guarda," and many others will be an experience you will never forget! So book your tickets as early as today, and let Gloria Trevi's music cap off your summer with a bang!

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Celebrated for her progressive songs that challenge machismo and feature feminist lyrics, Gloria Trevi has become one of the most prominent Latin stars. With hits that pushed the boundaries of Mexican pop music, the singer enjoyed a superstar status — not only in Latin countries but in other parts of the world as well. In fact, she earned the title "Madonna of Mexico." The title alone is very telling of her influence on the music scene, a title fitting for her image of being defiant, controversial, and fearless! Over the years, she remained on the pedestal of top-tier performers, making her to be dubbed "The Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop."

This year, fans and pop music lovers are excited to take part in the "Mi Soundtrack World Tour 2024," which Trevi has been scheming on for quite some time now. The exciting new albums that she recently released mark the new face of her career. Trevi celebrates the many successes of her works while seeing the many facets her career has endured — and fans are more than ready to tag along for the ride. This tour will be celebrating not only her latest album and the many significant changes she has set but this year also marks the 20th anniversary of "Cómo Nace el Univers." For all her die-hard fans, this is the album that encapsulates the pop icon's rebirth as an indisputable artist of her generation.

"It was an album that marked my comeback, and it gives me great pleasure to say it wasn't easy," Trevi says. "Because there were people who defamed me and brought me to a place where I never should've been."

Despite her challenging journey marked by impending allegations and scandals, she's ready to take on life and embrace a hopeful future with more genuine and hope-filled music. She has continued to take on the role of the inspiring and most influential personality in the Latin music business for more than four decades.

Join Gloria Trevi as she ventures another year of exciting music and promising opportunities to make your 2024 worthwhile. She'll be at the Moda Center on September 20th. Don't miss it because the "Madonna of Mexico" has got more surprises in store this year! Mark the date and get your tickets now!

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moda center at the rose quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon, 97227, US