Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live – Glow Party at Moda Center

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon



Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live - Glow Party at



Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live – Glow Party

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

THE MONSTER TRUCKS ARE BACK! Family Entertainment Live and Mattel just announced over thirty additional shows of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live - Glow Party slated this 2024. Now, the gigantic trucks are coming to life at Moda Center for back-to-back shows, happening on Saturday, September 28. At this iteration of the franchise's jam-packed live battles, your favorite trucks are facing head-to-head in the dark! You're in to catch your favorite trucks jump and rage on the track, including monstrous performances by Mega Wrex™, Tiger Shark™, Boneshaker™, Bigfoot®, and many more. Last year saw the live debut of Gunkster™... Now, HW 5-Alarm, a firetruck hero is set to show what it's got. As those engines get revving up, the floor dims the lights and a spectacular laser show takes over. Amidst the monster truck mayhem, a glowing dance party is also taking place. There's a bunch of Hot Wheels up for grabs! Book your tickets now.

The heat is turning right up as engines start revving for a mighty battle! Set for monster truck mayhem, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live is bringing a spectacular Glow Party to the stage. Engines roar as Mega Wrex™, Tiger Shark™, Boneshaker™, Bigfoot®, and many more take over. Smashing those pedals, fans of all ages are bound for a thrilling show as gigantic Hot Wheels trucks jump, fly, and crash amidst laser lights at this one-of-a-kind Glow Party.

Following last year's massive success, Family Entertainment Live and Matter just announced an extended 37 dates for the live show. Now, it's heading to Moda Center for back-to-back nights of monster truck mayhem. The Glow Party will feature a roster of competitions and a dazzling dance party amidst laser lights as the arena dims the stage. Audiences are also in for a fantastic Hot Wheels giveaway.

"Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow Party continues delivering the ultimate fan experience to families across the country," Julie Freeland, Senior Director of Global Location Based Entertainment, at Mattel shared. "This exhilarating show offers so many unique surprises, amazing glow effects and larger than life moments. We’re excited to bring the tour to more cities than ever before."

Indeed, families and friends are in for a larger-than-life show as engines roar and battle it all out. Usually, these competitions happen in off-road-like terrain, splashing mud all over. Crashing into cars and battling other teams, it's an adrenaline-inducing sight. Fans are also in for a doughnut competition and a freestyle battle where each truck flexes its best moves.

"It’s kind of funny but I closed my eyes the first time I hit a set of cars," Rebecca Schnell of Bigfoot's team shared, as cited from an Ahwatukee Foothill News feature. "Your brain doesn’t understand that when you’re strapped into a big machine like this, that it really doesn’t hurt. You have to train your brain a little bit in order to get used to that impact."

Though these Hot Wheels trucks grew into massive madness, we gotta remind ourselves that real and professional humans are in control of these beasts. These amazing and talented athletes are surely bound to inspire youngsters. So, make sure to root for your favorite drivers!

Last year's string of shows welcomed a new truck in town, Gunkster™. Now, the family is sharing the live debut of a new firetruck hero - HW 5-Alarm!

As the floor lights up with new poppin' beats to its live battles, it's a unique experience to witness mighty trucks amidst a laser light party. Rev those engines and gear up for an amazing show at Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live - Glow Party.

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moda center at the rose quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

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