Judas Priest at Moda Center

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon



Judas Priest at Moda Center at the Rose Quarter



Judas Priest

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

Judas Priest tickets

Rock legends and heavy metal pioneers Judas Priest are making their way over to the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter to perform an electric set of relentlessly heavy music for their devoted fans. The show is a part of their larger Invincible Shield World Tour. The tour, promoting their latest album, Invincible Shield, is taking them all over Europe, the US, Canada, and parts of Asia. Grab your tickets now for a wicked night full of headbanging and moshing. You don’t wanna miss this, so why should you? Get tickets now.

Judas Priest have come a long way from their humble Birmingham roots. Since they started rocking the world over 50 years ago, they’ve released nearly 20 studio albums, toured all over the world, won a Grammy, and made over 50 million album sales. Their nineteenth album, Invincible Shield, is yet another insane ride packed with heavy metal greatness. And now’s your chance to see it live right here in Portland. Wanna be a part of the madness? Get your tickets to see them at the Moda Center. They’re on sale today, so get going.

Judas Priest Tickets from $78

While they may be Rock and Roll Hall of Famers now, Judas Priest didn’t always carry such a heavy weight with their name. In fact, they had been making music for just over a decade before they had their so-called “big break” with an album that changed metal music forever. The break in question came with the release of their sixth studio album, British Steel. The album catapulted them into the mainstream and ignited a fire that still hasn’t died. Now, fans all over the world are craving their heaviness, and their calls have finally been answered with the announcement of this new world tour. To hear all their greatest hits like British Steel classics along with songs from their latest album, Invincible Shield, get tickets online and head down to the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter on October 10th. Immerse yourself in pure heavy metal greatness for a night; get lost in the electric rhythms. Get tickets right here, right now.

Judas Priest have been dishing heavy metal in its rawest form since the very beginning. They surged in popularity with the rise of glam metal in the 1980s, and once their music was commercially successful, fans began digging for more. Now, each and every one of their nineteen albums is aggressively loved by millions of metalheads and critics alike. And with their latest, Invincible Shield, they prove that they’ve still got it. In case you wanna see what I mean, grab some tickets to see Judas Priest live in Portland… and get ready to rock.

Invincible Shield shows Judas Priest at their best. While they have countless albums in their discography dubbed as “the greatest metal album of all time,” expectations are always high when they announce a new record. But while their sound has definitely evolved since British Steel, the band has never stopped pumping out bangers, and Invincible Shield is a perfect example of this. Now’s your chance to see heavy metal in its original form right in front of your eyes. Don’t miss this. Get your tickets now - you know you want to.

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moda center at the rose quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon, 97227, US