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Los Hombres G

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

The legendary Spanish pop rock band Hombres G will light up the world-famous Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, this summer as they hit the center stage performing their greatest hits. If the image of Spanish rock OGs performing for your entertainment— invoking nostalgia through era-defining songs— excites you, you should hit that “Get Tickets” link and secure tickets for their June 27 show at the iconic Moda Center. Portland fans will be overjoyed to hear that the Latin Grammy-nominated band will spend an intimate evening with all of their loyal fans as part of their 40th anniversary. Join David Summers, Daniel Mezquita, Rafael Gutiérrez, and Javier Molina as they celebrate another milestone in their careers. Sing along to “Devuélveme a mi chica," "Te quiero," "El ataque de las chicas cocodrilo," "Marta tiene un marcapasos," and countless more of their classic tunes on this exciting Thursday evening. Secure your tickets today, and be part of a historic performance you don’t want to miss.

Back in 1982, a group of friends decided to create a band and call themselves Hombres G. Never did they think that after four decades, the group of friends who just wanted to create music would go on to become one of Spain's most prominent pop rock bands. Influenced by the sounds of the British new wave movement and of the Beatles, Hombres G cemented their status in the rock music scene with their 1985 self-titled album. The song "Devuélveme a mi chica" became an anthem not only in Spain but in all Spanish-speaking countries and communities around the world.

The band's meteoric rise to fame in the mid-1980s set the stage for sold-out arena and stadium concerts across the Americas and Spain. The band not only released albums, but they also dabbled in film, appearing in 1987's biopic "Sufre mamón" and 1988's musical comedy "Suéltate el pelo."

Given the band's success across multiple platforms, it goes without saying that they were at the top of their game. Success wouldn't last long, though, as the band members would eventually part ways following the release of "Historia del Bikini," their seventh studio album. From 1989 until 1992, the band would take a hiatus. Though they broke up, all of the members remained active in the music industry in some capacity; Daniel Summers, in particular, went on to great solo success.

In 2002, the band returned with new material — much to the amusement of their loyal fans. Hombres G released their 8th studio album, "Peligrosamente Juntos," in that same year. The year after, several rock bands gave tribute to Hombres G. The likes of Los Piston, El Canto del Loco, Los Secretos, Mikel Erentxun, and La Cabra Mecánica, among many others, united to make a tribute album to Hombres G, the band that influenced them to venture into music.

Fast forward to 2023, Hombres G now has 15 studio albums, four live albums, eight compilation albums, and three concert films under their belt. Although their latest album, "La Esquina de Rowland," was released in 2021, the band is still active in touring in Spain, Latin American countries, and the United States.

This 2024, the band is embarking on one of the most important and most extensive tours in their career. "Hombres G: 40th Anniversary Tour" will be making rounds in select venues all over the country this summer. And if you are in the Portland, Oregon area, you are in luck because the Spanish rock icons will be at the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter on June 27. Tickets are now on sale, and you can secure yours as early as today by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

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moda center at the rose quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon, 97227, US