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We've 'heard it in a past life and seen her 'surrender with her heartfelt and alluring lyrical tales... Now, she's reminding us to never forget her on her third studio LP. MAGGIE ROGERS just released her newest album carrying its special title track alongside new fan-favorite hits "Drunk", "Never Going Home", "On & On & On", "It Was Coming All Along", and many more. Kicking off a new leg of her headlining THE DON'T FORGET ME TOUR, and Part II features all-arena dates. Part of the trek is a stop at Moda Center on Wednesday, October 30. The show will also feature special guest Ryan Beatty. About the album, Rogers shares that she wanted to "make an album that sounded like a Sunday afternoon." Feeling like a smooth drive in your favorite car, it sure offers a timeless classic vibe in every track. Hailed as a "pop music prodigy" by Rolling Stone, she's one of today's most talented artists in the scene. Now, don't forget to mark your spots at the show by booking those tickets now!

MAGGIE ROGERS is kicking off Part II of THE DON'T FORGET ME TOUR, taking her newest album for a live spin across jam-packed arenas. The trek will also feature special guest Ryan Beatty. As an album made for a Sunday afternoon drive on your favorite car, it offers timeless classic vibes in every song. Hailed as a "pop music prodigy" by Rolling Stone for her honest and alluring lyrical tales, she sure one of the industry's brightest shining stars.

"I’ve been writing songs now for 15 years, and so I think I’ve just come into this place where I really trust my process and my craft. I think because of that, I was in a place where I was willing to just play," Rogers shared in a Zoom interview prior to the album's release, via Associated Press News.

Kicking off a new leg of the tour that'll get her name stuck in your brain like every earworm she's given the world through her hit songs, fans surely can't get enough of the nostalgic and charming artist. Talking about her previous tour with Variety, "You never get to choose the people that show up for your music, but I feel so lucky to really feel like I’ve got the best people holding my art," she shared, explaining how her fans take care of each other in her box office tours.

Her new album "Don't Forget Me" follows her 2022 sophomore LP "Surrender" which explored the ins and outs of life through reflective pop anthems. The album featured her ecstatic energy through her singles "That's Where I Am", "Want Want", and "Horses".

"[Surrender] is back in my private life," she told ELLE. "It felt really empowering to tell the truth in that way, and to acknowledge the fact that I’ve grown up, and I’m going to talk about exactly what my life looks like."

The singer's journey kicked off with her debut single's big break in 2016 through "Alaska". The song quickly gained massive attention, praised for her honesty and astounding melodies with tones of indie pop and folk. The song was written in fifteen minutes about a NOLS course, and was layed for Pharrell Williams who was critiquing students' work. ""I’ve never heard anything that sounds like that," he exclaimed.

It's her authenticity that sets Rogers apart in the industry. Every record feels fresh and carefully written, amazingly inspired by her thoughts and passion. "The record was made so quickly that there wasn’t a lot of conscious intention. When I was making it, I just felt really open, and that’s what you can hear," she told Variety.

At 30, she now reflects on her beautiful journey in music, feeling comfortable and confident in her art. Refining her voice and expressing her best self, she truly is an artist by heart.

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