Phil Wickham & Brandon Lake at Moda Center

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon



Phil Wickham & Brandon Lake at Moda Center at the Rose Quarter



Phil Wickham & Brandon Lake

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

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Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake are heading back to the stage. The iconic duo just announced the massive return of their "Summer Worship Nights", kicking off a string of powerful shows fueled by God's love. Part of the tour is a special night of worship at Moda Center on Saturday, August 24. Recalling a time when a line of security guards accepted Christ into their lives at the tour's first run, Wickham and Lake go deep into the purpose of their shows - it's not to impress, but to share this relationship with God to everyone. Though the decision to follow Jesus rests at the hands of the individual heart, Wickham and Lake are committed to move mountains through song. As the two men of faith keep the faith alive on stage, all praises are set to be lifted high. This is amazing grace! Gathering in His name, celebrate faith, hope, and love at this year's Summer Worship Nights. Book your tickets now!

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Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake just announced the return of "Summer Worship Nights". The tour's show at Moda Center will feature special guest Hulvey on August 24th. In a teaser by Transparent Productions, the iconic duo are seen jamming to "Praise You Anywhere", driving around town. "Who’s taking a road trip to SUMMER WORSHIP NIGHTS this summer?!?!" Lake posted on Instagram with a roster of dates scheduled this August.

As the summer heat kicks in, Wickham and Lake are taking charge of starry nights, exalting His name to the ends of the earth. Kicking off the second run of their joint "Summer Worship Nights" tour, audiences are set to be blessed by the presence of God within.

Recalling a night when security guards at their previous show had "an encounter with God," Lake is reminded why they do these kind of shows. It's not to impress - it's to share the very reason why they are singing their hearts out, to share the wonders of God's love to all. Asking the audience if they wanted to "start a relationship with Jesus or to rededicate their lives," the man noticed some sort of a commotion among the crowd to his left.. Turns out, a whole line of security personnel raised their hands up high.

"Many believers there that night ran forward and celebrated with the security guards," Lake recalled "It was just really cool. Because that’s why we do this. It’s not to entertain. It’s to see people have an encounter with God."

That moment in time happened at the first run of Summer Worship Nights back in 2023. Today, they remain dedicated and burning with passion to bring God's love closer to more people. Now, they look forward to transforming even more families and lives to be filled with faith, hope, and love. This is more than just a concert, it's a movement. "That’s a sign to me of like, ‘Thanks, God, you’re in this." Wickham said.

In August 2023, Phil Wickham released his 10th album "I Believe". About two decades in the industry, the man is never ashamed of the gospel. The album features his new hits and church-favorites - "Sunday Is Coming", "The Jesus Way", and "This Is Our God". In the making of the album, the man shared that they're mindset was to "Write a declaration of faith in Jesus, full of joy and life that we could sing with the Church."

Oh boy, he did take the world to church! Some of Phil Wickham's greatest hits and church-favorites also include "Living Hope", "Battle Belongs", "This Is Our God", "Till I Found You", and "This Is Amazing Grace".

Brandon Lake is also switching things up on stage. Motivated to keep generations of believers fueling the fire of God's love within them, his work centers of being authentic messengers of faith. From crowdfunding his debut LP "Closer", he blessed the world with deeply personal hymns that bring hearts closer to Jesus. His worship hits include "Just Like Heaven", "Run to You", "I See You" with Chris Tomlin, and "Gratitude".

Gratitude just soared the charts, and Lake shared with Faithwire that he didn't anticipate the track to be a massive success that it is today. "And God has just been breathing on it ever since, and I get to tour this song and sing it with thousands of people and it’s just really cool that ‘The Chosen’ had such a huge part to play in really just one of the main worship songs that the nation is singing now.”

Though it's something he didn't see coming, he shares it's what makes the song special. "Sometimes God brings other people into your life that see things that you don’t yourself, and that is the story of this song," he explained.

God does work in mysterious ways, and we're all grateful for every blessing that comes our way. The altar awaits. It's time to lay every worry down and lift all your praises high. Don't miss out on this year's Summer Worship Nights with Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake by booking your tickets now!

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there..." - Matthew 18:20

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