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Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon



Tool at Moda Center at the Rose Quarter




Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

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Brace yourselves, rock enthusiasts! Tool, the progressive metal virtuosos, are primed to ignite Moda Center's stage. Mark your calendars for October 19th, 2023. This event? A sonic extravaganza. The artists behind epic anthems like "Schism" and "Forty Six & 2" are about to enthrall. Their sound? Unmistakable. Heavy. Layered. Introspective. It’s Tool's signature. For more than three decades, they've tested boundaries, defied genres. Four studio albums, multiple awards, an insurmountable legacy. Their frontman, Maynard James Keenan? A legend. You'll feel the pulse, the raw energy of their performance. It's more than a concert. It’s an experience. Each song, a journey. Each riff, a revelation. And the venue? The famed Moda Center. It’s where electrifying atmosphere meets impeccable acoustics. Ideal for a night that'll echo long after the last chord has been struck. So, don’t delay. Secure your spot today! Be part of a night that’ll resonate in the annals of rock history. Tool. Live. October 19th. Moda Center. Be there.

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Get set, Portland. An unforgettable music experience is on the horizon. Yes, it's Tool! The mighty Moda Center will be echoing their pulsating rhythms on the night of Thursday, October 19th, 2023. This night, earmarked in history. Gear up for the live music experience of a lifetime!

Born in 1990, Tool isn't just a band. They're a phenomenon. Progressive metal has been transformed, shaped, and expanded by their audacious artistry. The magic-makers? Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, Danny Carey. Not just artists, but visionaries. Their amalgamation has resulted in a sonic voyage, an intertwining of complex beats, thought-provoking narratives, and immersive music.

Five albums. Each one, a milestone. Evolution, but also the preservation of their core essence, defines Tool. They masterfully guide fans on an emotional odyssey. Their tracks "Lateralus," "Sober," resonate deeply, capturing the essence of their intricate composition and profound lyricism.

Moda Center. A perfect backdrop for a band as monumental as Tool. Its superior acoustics amplify their cinematic sonic experience. Here, spectators will be swept into a concert experience that's extraordinary.

Tool's mark on progressive metal is substantial. Grammy awards. Worldwide album sales in the millions. They've revolutionized the music scene and shaped an era. Alongside, they've nurtured a fervent fan base.

You don't want to be left out! Soak up the raw intensity, the emotion, the energy of Tool's live performance. Tickets are calling your name; secure yours for a concert brimming with thought-provoking lyricism, gripping riffs, and mesmerizing performances. Come Thursday, October 19th, 2023, we assemble at the Moda Center. Prepare to embark on a transcendent journey into the distinctive cosmos of Tool. It promises to electrify your senses, to ignite your soul.

Brace yourself, Portland. Tool is on the way to stir your senses. Their relentless passion, their exceptional talent will captivate you. Be part of this night of unforgettable music. We'll see you there!

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moda center at the rose quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon, 97227, US