Moda Center Parking

Parking at the Rose Garden Arena is very easy. There are more than 2500 parking spaces in total for each event. These spaces are split over a 4 garages and 2 parking lots surrounding the Rose Garden.

ยป Parking is not free!

Average cost of parking your car for a single event is around $8-$15 (prices vary depending on event).

The parking garages open 4 hours before each event. Although we don’t suggest arriving that early, we do suggest arriving at least 1-2 hours before hand to ensure stress free parking.

Finding the car parks is extremely easy. Just follow the signs to the Rose Garden Arena and when you arrive you will easily spot the huge parking areas available. There are also plenty of signs to guide you to a car park. Should one car park be full, a parking attendant will direct you to another parking location close by.

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For your convenience we have provided google map satellite image of the area.

You’ll see the parking lot attached to the Rose Garden and 2 larger adjacent multi story car parks to the north of the venue.