Moda Center Rules

Moda Center in Portland is governed by several basic rules that may change without notice. If you have any queries about them, you should check directly with Moda Center itself. Please be kind to your other guests and follow these Rules, so everyone can enjoy the entertainment experience in comfort and safety.

General Rules

In general, Moda Center doesn’t permit you to bring any illegal items inside the arena.
Nor can you bring in anything that could cause nuisance, injury or damage to performers, staff or audience members.
Moda Center management vigorously enforces these policies. It reserves the right to refuse any item that they deem dangerous.


The following items are strictly prohibited from Moda Center:

  • Weapons of any kind, with no exceptions
  • Illegal drugs/substances
  • Any kind of tobacco product, including e-cigarettes/vaping
  • Mace or pepper spray
  • Alcohol or food purchased outside
  • Face masks covering your whole face
  • Fireworks
  • Glass containers or cans, especially aerosol cans
  • Knitting or sewing equipment
  • Anything that could be used as a weapon or missile
  • Beach balls
  • Bats and clubs
  • Frisbees
  • Hockey sticks
  • Helium balloons
  • Drones
  • Anything intended to make noise, e.g. whistles, air horns, foghorns, etc.
  • Anything intended to interfere with optical perception (e.g. pinwheels or umbrellas)
  • Professional cameras (SLR or DSLR)
  • Video and audio recording equipment
  • Laptops, tablets, iPads
  • Laser pointers
  • Tripods and poles
  • Selfie sticks
  • Flags or signs fixed to poles made of hard materials
  • Bags or backpacks larger than 14”x14”x 6”
  • Hard-sided bags
  • Large umbrellas and any umbrella with a pointed end
  • Car seats or strollers
  • Animals (except service animals)


The following items are permitted at most Moda Center events, provided you keep to the general rules.

  • Binoculars and field glasses of a modest size, which you might be asked to take out of the case and wear round your neck.
  • Small, personal-sized umbrellas are allowed inside, but you cannot open them there.
  • Non-professional cameras without detachable lenses, as long as you don’t use flash.
  • You can bring your own empty plastic water bottles to most events, which you can fill at concourse water fountains.
  • Children are allowed into most events at Moda Center, unless an age restriction is imposed for a concert or show.
  • Children older than two must have a valid ticket unless otherwise specified.
  • Complimentary child ID bracelets are available.

Moda Center Code of Conduct

A visit to Moda Center should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. You should feel comfortable and safe, in a pleasant atmosphere. The Code of Conduct is intended to ensure that this atmosphere isn’t disrupted or ruined, by setting out what behaviors are unacceptable.

Anyone conducting themselves in a way that violates this Code may be denied tickets, refused entry or evicted from Moda Center without a refund. If you see someone violating this code, you should report it to the nearest Moda Center staff member.

You should note that drinking alcohol outside the arena is illegal, except in designated beer gardens. Anyone violating the law may be arrested and prosecuted by the Portland Police Department.

Moda Center guests must not:

  • Engage in any activity that may endanger persons or property
  • Engage in any activity that could interfere with or disrupt performances
  • Bring anything that could be deemed dangerous into the facility
  • Smoke or carry any form of tobacco on the Rose Quarter campus
  • Be or appear to be intoxicated
  • Smuggle alcohol onto the campus and arena premises
  • Carry or consume alcohol anywhere in Moda Center other than designated areas
  • Have anything to do with alcoholic beverages if you’re a minor
  • Bring any type of food or beverage container into the venue unless it’s necessary for medical or childcare.
  • Refuse to abide by Covid 19 requirements or Moda Center’s current mask policy

Please remember that all Moda Center Rules may be subject to change, depending on the particular requirements of each artist or event.